Bakery site in Pyongyang

Here are the details of our latest children support program in Pyongyang
The result of your support!

That new bakery reaches children in the age, ranging from 4-13 years
in kindergartens and middle schools.

It was opened on Febr. 10, 2008 in the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang.
The Korean staff numbers 20. The production output per day is over 2,500 breads.

The Korean staff is very happy with the equipment
our donors provided for the children.
If you wish, you can become part of that project.

Now we also have a bakery for children open in HyangSan, North Korea opened on 1st September

It is producing 5,000 roles of bread every day, provided for the children’s school lunch time.
In July 2010 we shipped all equipment for our new bakery. Rev. Rhee supported the set up process at
the spot.
The food situation is getting worse. Please support us in running that bakery.

That remote city may be unknown to foreigners: HyangSan is located in the north-west part of the
We would like to share the latest pictures with our donors.