Greetings from London:

My name is Giou (George) Rhee. I was born in Seoul, Korea in 1958 and I immigrated to UK in 1990, and then I got a UK citizenship in 2001.
In 2001 I visited China and North Korea, and I saw many poor and homeless children there.

After that I worked for these children.

I was planning to have an orphanage there but NK government does not want to build orphanages.

This is why that I decided to have a bakery for children.

In October 2003 we built a bakery and a clinic in Rajin (Najin).
Everyday our bakery provided 8000 breads and we looked after 300 patients in the clinic.

My father was born in NK in 1924 and came to SK during the Korean war
to find a new life. However, his four sisters could not come. Sometimes my father went to the fortified border between the separated countries and looked through a telescope into his home country.

He would say, with a deep sigh, holding back his tears, “I want to go home”.
My father died in 1999; his desire was never fulfilled.

We are working with KXX in NK. We can visit the children’s school and to meet school principal that we have asking for how many children are in this school?

So if 3,000 children then we can provide 3,000 buns of bread.
The children are waiting for bread for their everyday lunch-time at school.

This is why the bread cannot go to wrong places.

Our fund is mostly raised by the company in the UK, and the other part of fund is provided from China.
We would like to use this project to help these poor children.

If you wish, your name will be recorded by UK MANNA MISSION OF EUROPE as a donor and you will be appreciated.

In November 2016 we visited again 3 operating charity bakeries and provided new flour, which you can see under the section ‘Bakeries’ on this website.FB1505

All of the children receiving your great mercy will pay back for what you did to them; their thoughts are with you.

I really want to see you as soon as possible, then it will be great.

Many thanks.
George Rhee / 이기호