Gwail Bakery II.

Gwail bakery II. (in operation)

Dear friends. Greetings!

We are happy to let you know, our next charity bakery is open now. We started operation for the children end of November 2014 for school and kindergarten kids.

Now 4,000 children receive daily bread with your support. The children got used to bread and are very happy with this meal.

Due to the electricity delivery, we have to provide mostly steam bread.

Première: For the first time we can use local Korean apples to produce apple jam for our bread!

  • The age of the children we reach with free bread is 4-6 years. We hope to extend our service, to provide bread for children in the age ranging from 7-13 years, if we receive the funding for this idea. Please spread the word. Thank you for your care!

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