Pyongyang 2016

In Nov. 2016 Rev. Rhee started his monitoring tour.

Our charity bakery in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Preparation of the bread for the children.

 Free bread, due to your kind donation.

The bread will be ready, soon!

Inside the bakery.

Our donation of flour arrived at the school.

Bread for the cildren. Just produced. Ready for delivery.

Rev. Rhee visiting the children, who receive free bread from our charity.

Rev. Rhee inside the classroom.

Interaction with the children.

Rev. Rhee in front of the free bread for children.

Our bread is distributed in the classroom.

Monitoring tour, Nov. 2016 with Rev. Rhee.

Meeting with the teachers and kitchen staff.

Grateful children.

You donated the flour. Thank you!

Hope to see you again!