Gwail kindergarten bakery


Gwail16Meeting with the smiling staff of our charity bakery.

– Gwail-gun, 2015 –

Gwail5Happy kindergarten children, who receive free bread from the Manna Mission Charity Bakery in 2015.

City of Gwail (also known as Kwail); that means ‘fruit’. So an apple farm is colse to our bakery in North Korea.

Gwail4Warm meeting with the headmaster of the kindergarten in Sept. 2015.

Gwail17Rev. Rhee delivers new flour for the next month.

Gwail14On the spot.

Gwail18Inspection in the store house.

Gwail11Meeting with the team of the bakery outside the building.

Happy staff = Happy children!

Please help us to provide flour for the next month.

Thank you for your care!

Gwail7The fruit farm close to our project…

Gwail1The Gwail fruit farm area.


Gwail3Milk van arrives…

Gwail10The bakery building in operation.

Gwail12See you next time. Good buy for now.