IronMan 2017

IronMan Korea 2017

Sept. 10 in Gurye/Rep. of Korea.


Fundraising Event for

our charity bakeries

in North Korea


Emil Truszkowski visited DPRK many times and felt a deep connection with the Korean people.

He now promotes friendly relations between DPRK and other countries via tourism and cultural exchange.

The mission for this project is to raise awareness of the needs of the Korean children that have been forgotten by many.


By finishing his first Ironman in South Korea he wants to show that every one of us can make a difference in this world and bring peace and friendship at the Korean peninsula.


More Information on Emil’s own website:

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I managed to finish the race in 13:04 hours. I swam 3.8 km, cycled 180km and ran 42km. Without stopping.
I had a wonderful race with a very good swim in the lake, hilly bike course and a pretty decent run course.
The weather was perfect as it wasn’t too hot or cold.
It was just right. I felt a lot of power from the beginning of the race and I managed to complete the race without bigger problems.

It was my first race so I didn’t want to push myself to limits, so I was trying to keep some left overs of strenght for next stages of the race.
Surprisingly the marathon also went very smooth and I finished the marathon in 4:48 hours, which was pretty good considering that I’ve swam 3.8km and cycled for 180km. All in all it was an amazing race in Korea. During the race I felt that I have to finish this race for the children in DPRK and I was determined to do so.
I only made it because of support from my family, viewers and your prayers.